hello im 21 years old male and im going bold.my hair its starting to get thinner expeccialy in the front area.i was wondering if im too young to take propecia.are there any other productes that would help me regrow the hair ive lost in the tamples and make my hair thinkker?.is thie sthe best product out there to treat hair loss?


There are severeal forms of baldenss. If it is Androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness) then the hairloss cannot be fully cured in most cases, but just frozen for some time with the treatments availiable on market today.

1) Hair transplant (FUE technology) creates really natural hairline, no scars, the best way to go if you have enough donor hair and money of course.

2. Propecia (Finasteride) and Minoxidil are the only ones approved by FDA and proven to work in most men so far.

Generic Propecia (finasteride) is also ok. I use it with same results, and unfortunately same sides(a bit dry feeling in the scalp) as brand propecia. Have tried lots of herbal crap before it and laser combs, so far the only thing that prevents my hairloss, not much regrowth, but has stopped my hairloss completely.
I buy from this pharmacy for the last 2 years – http://www.1rx.biz/generic_propecia.html . It is under per pill as I buy the 90 pills. (89$ for 90)

Should I tell my boyfriend that his Popecia use is affecting his woody?

I ran out of toilet paper, and while I was searching for another roll, I stumbled accross bottle of propecia pills. I really don’t care that he is going bald, but his woody is well- lacking (I assume because of the pills) He seems completly unaware of this, and can reach orgasm just fine. Problem is- I don’t feel anything with his limp noodle. I also don’t want him to be embarrased that I know that he is taking Propecia, or that I think he has a limp dick. What is a good way to approach this? He is 26, and was a virgin up until a week ago, if that makes any difference.


26 year old, balding virgin with a limp noodle? RUN RUN RUN for the hills!

Is my sex drive (male) like a woman’s?

After taking propecia for a year and a half… I feel less sexually active. I’m 28 yrs old. Instead of ‘slapping my salami’ everyday, I do it around 2-3 times per week. Now I noticed some women ‘get off’ about 2-3 times per week and are less sexually active than men.

So I wanted to ask, is my sex drive turning into a woman’s? Are women sexually active 2-3 times per week or more or less? I can’t believe it, though, as I get older and continue taking propecia, my mind thinks less and less about sex. Lord knows what I’m capable of….


I’m 25. I have sex daily. Sometimes twice daily. Your sex drive is not that of a woman’s. But of a … uhh… I have no idea… 50 year old woman?

What can cause my semen to turn into a brownish color?

I’ve been taking Propecia for 3 months. I eat normal. Just this week (first saw it on Friday) I’ve noticed my sperm has been a brownish/orange/slight reddish color. It started out light now its very dark. I am very confused as to why this happening. I think it may be the Propecia prescription but I just don’t know. I’ve only been sleeping with my girlfriend and I think my semen has an infection. What can be the cause of this? Thanks for help


Hi there,

So scary, but usually so meaningless…

Blood in the semen, or hematospermia, is a fairly common event that can occur at any point in a man’s life. Men are not accustomed to seeing bleeding from any body part or in any secretion. So when blood is present, most men panic.

“Could it be cancer? Infection? Injury?” are questions that race through men’s minds when they see blood in a place that is not expected.

It can be bright red, clots, speckles, or just brown/orange tinged. The good news is that hematospermia is not rare and is almost always a meaningless finding of no concern.

Usually not associated with any pain or discomfort, blood enters the semen from a small blood vessel that tears during ejaculation or even straining with constipation, or from “Rough” sex/masturbation. Sometimes it just happens.

And as fast as it comes on, it can disappear. Other times, blood may linger for days, weeks or even months. If the bleeding is heavy or prolonged, then further evaluation by a urologist is in order. If there is pain or burning, then it is time to see your urologist.

Remember to always seek medical attention, if you believe that this is something more serious.

Hope this helped.

Take care!

What to do if prescription meds by mail get seized by customs in Ireland?

Ordered generic finasteride tablets online to cure hair loss. I did get a prescription from doctor here for Propecia (brand name) but pharmacy charges €185 for 1 month supply so went with online pharmacy. I received letter today saying customs seized it last week and they will be in touch. (prescription is for 90 by 1mg propecia, whereas online I ordered 90 by 5mg, which I would’ve been able to split in quarters to save money) Will my prescription cover me? Will I get prosecuted?


Hey dude,

Sorry to hear about what happen but, why would you buy Finestride for your hairloss?? finasteride side effects include decreased sex drive, impotence, or decreased ejaculate amount. some more serious problemshave been reported like sterility, including breast tenderness; testicular pain; or signs of an allergic reaction, such as unexplained skin rash, wheezing, or hives.

i used that product for 28 months when all these sides effects were not as known as it is today, it was when this drug just came out and no body cared about the side effects.

and i am still suffering from skin rash and very dry eyes that i had to swap my lentils to glasses.

and it did not even help me with my hair loss, it just stopped a bit the falling, at the time i was happy, but when i stopped it my hair got worse, lost it all.
it took me a year to get it back with food supplements and nutritive masks.

Have you heard of “thicker hair” from ukhairsolutions.com it is cheap and it is effective for alopecia men and women, risk free and it is made in England.